21. WARNING: This episode may give you runner’s high – With Matt Mills

21. WARNING: This episode may give you runner’s high – With Matt Mills

This week we’ve got former NCAA runner (and current marathoner), running/life coach Matt Mills on the show.

Runners AND non-runners, I encourage you to give this one a listen. I assure you there is value for all. Matt is such a down to earth guy who gives advice based on real experience that he has had from personal experience and from coaching clients.

We get into how running can be a meditation/stillness practice in our lives. So much so that Matt actually stopped meditating and doubled down on running because of the profound effects that he was experiencing.

We talk how meditation AND running can be SO fricken hard to get into. But once you’re in, the feelings that ensue can sure be addicting.

Matt tells us why he recommends anyone getting into running delete the popular app Strava.

How the body, mind and spirit are SO interconnected and when one of these areas are out of balance, the whole system crumbles (i.e. injury, i.e. burnout etc.)

PURPOSE, how we can incorporate mini purposes in our daily actions and runs to achieve serious results.

And more. Enjoy!

Now, run over and connect with Matt Mills:


Coaching on the Run Program

Run to Thrive Program

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