30. Live Damn Well, Man – With Jorge Roman

Our guest today has written a book, is a health coach and is in relentless pursuit of “living damn well”.

Jorge Roman joins us and we get into first, what it means to “live damn well”. How it is SO important for each of us to ask ourselves this question. In asking what optimal health really means to us. WHY do we work out every day, why do we eat what we eat? What is the point of it all for US.

We go down SO many rabbit holes in this one…

– Why you can have a 6-pack and still be unhealthy. And what biomarkers of good health we SHOULD be looking at
– The importance of the big D! Vitamin D
– How we as humans are meant to be OUTDOORS. And the affects of too much time inside in a sterile environment on us
– How electromagnetic radiation is the silent killer
– How meditation can REVERSE aging
– The power of connecting with others
– The effects of the different seasons on our bodies and how we are meant to eat seasonally
– The “miracle mineral”, magnesium
– Why pushing our bodies to the extreme (i.e. HIIT training) multiple times per week can actually have a negative effect

Jorge does a LOT of research and references many articles. Here are some of them below:

1.) Loneliness:

2.) Meditation: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/26799456/

3.) Electromagnetic Radiation
a.) The Theorized Mechanism of Action: https://peaceinspace.blogs.com/files/5g-emf-hazards–dr-martin-l.-pall–eu-emf2018-6-11us3.pdf
b.) More resources on EMR at the Environmental Health Trust: https://ehtrust.org/

To Check Out Jorge’s Book:
a.) FREE download of chapter two on my website: https://mailchi.mp/ab3797c37d7d/live-damn-well-mobile-landing-page
b.) Full book on Amazon:

To Connect with Jorge:



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