35. Hustle Slowly, Man – feat. Heneka Watkis-Porter

“Everything we have been searching for outside ourselves has been within us the whole time”


Today we’ve got entrepreneur, coach, 5x author, international speaker and host of the Entrepreneurial You Podcast which has featured the likes of Richard Branson and Seth Godin (to name a couple). Heneka Watkis-Porter!

After many years “hustling” and building businesses, it all came to a grinding halt for Heneka when she began experiencing severe adrenal fatigue, insomnia and depression. This forced her to slow down and really focus in on her wellness.

We get into what has (and has not) worked on her wellness journey.

The importance of listening to our bodies.

The power of taking an inventory of all of the things that we DO on a daily basis and eliminating the things that perhaps we are doing out of a fear of not doing (AKA of just BEING).

So so good. Enjoy.

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