41. More Curiosity, Less Judgement, Man – feat. Ryan Walton

41. More Curiosity, Less Judgement, Man – feat. Ryan Walton

You may know him as @daringtodad on instagram… we’ve got men’s coach, father coach, Ryan Walton on the show today.

We go deep down the rabbit hole on fatherhood. What Ryan was faced with when he became a parent. And how though he “went into the ring ready”, he was greeted by a punch in the face.

How parenting forces us to face the parts of ourselves that maybe we don’t like so much and some of the stories that we carry with us. And how really, most of parenting is NOT about managing our child’s emotions and behaviour, but is being faced with and managing our own.

How we spend so much time preparing to have kids (reading all the magazines, buying clothes, toys, a sweet crib)… But in reality the biggest thing we can do in anticipation of becoming a parent is working on ourselves.

Why it is so important for men to find “brave spaces”.

Why curiosity is the defense to judgement. And how what we judge we will never understand.

Why an attitude of curiosity (and not judgement) is the number one thing you can take into fatherhood.

Finally, how the comparison trap exists in parenting as well.


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