42. Overcoming the Stress of Dating a Con Man – feat. Emma Ferris

42. Overcoming the Stress of Dating a Con Man – feat. Emma Ferris

An online dating horror story, her true crime story should literally be a special on Netflix…

In April of 2019 she found out the guy she had been dating for 6 months was a con man and was in the middle of his biggest con to date… Dating her. Breathing coach, physiotherapist and host of the #1 Podcast in New Zealand , Conning the Con, we’ve got Emma Ferris on the show.

Emma takes us through the story of how she built trust and a relationship with a man who she later found out was not who he said he was… And then being put in a position to “con the con”.

How after being put in a situation where her she lost a mass amount of trust, she learned to trust herself.

She shares her story, because she believes that in some way we all have been “conned” in our lives. In going through a situation in business, relationship or otherwise where we place our trust in someone and they turn out not to be who we thought they were.

How she dealt with the stress of the situation. Consciously choosing not to go into “victim mode” and instead choosing “to step into life”.

How her understanding of the body and how the body reacts to stress helped her through this situation and how our body can store tension over time, impacting our breathing pattern and influencing our emotions.

Why we are always sitting somewhere on the spectrum of safety to trauma. And how so many people are stuck in trauma/anxiety mode on a daily basis without knowing that this is not normal.

Why it is possible for us to be in a completely safe environment, but can be stuck in an anxiety state because we are carrying tension with us from years ago.

The power of play and dance (i.e. ecstatic dance) in releasing trauma being held in the body.

The power of having a breathwork practice through times of fear and uncertainty (like COVID).


To connect with Emma Ferris:

Listen to her Podcast – Conning the Con

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