43. There is No Feeling Like Feeling Seen, Man – feat. Rachael Jaye

43. There is No Feeling Like Feeling Seen, Man – feat. Rachael Jaye

“The escape & immediacy of a Man Cave. The focused attention & results of a therapist. The compassion & unconditional affection of your mom”….. We’ve got Connection Coach (and former Professional “Cuddlist”), Rachael Jaye on the show.

We get into so much around the concepts of connection, emotional openness and the f****** amazing feeling of feeling seen.

Why is it so hard for dudes to open up and get in touch with their emotions today? The answer goes all the way back to the caveman era.

Why not all positivity is helpful and what “toxic positivity” is.

How Tiger Woods’ famous public blow-up likely was rooted in some way in him simply not “feeling seen”. And how this same narrative plays out (in different ways) for men.

Why the first few dates are actually really fricken important. And how showing up as authentically as possible from date 1 (no one is perfect) is a major key to building a thriving partnership.

How and why we should seek to deepen our connection with everyone in our lives (not just our significant other).

How we can elevate the connection in our daily lives with absolute strangers in as little as 20 seconds (Rachael has a killer story to prove it).


To connect with Rachael Jaye:

Website (Check it out and get the FREE mini-playbook “5 Fumbles When You’re Trying to Score”)




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