44. Building the Inner Warrior – feat. Joe Carabase

He built a million dollar biz, has written books, has been featured on reality TV shows and travelled the world…. But despite how great all of these things sound, he wasn’t happy. And it wasn’t until he quit “the chase”, slowed down and went inwards that he began to experience fulfillment.

We’ve got Fitness Guru and Host of the “Man Over Mind” Podcast, Joe Carabase on the show!

We get into so much in this one. But here is a glimpse:

– The importance of letting your kids see you cry as a father

– How a lack of initiation is affecting how men are coming up today

– What it means to “build the inner warrior”

– What happens when we put the validation of others above the love we give ourselves

– Why we need to make self love cooler among men

– The power of surrendering to what is

– Why slowing down does not mean being indifferent

– Why self acceptance is non-judgement (and some practices to release the judgement)

– Finding things that “fill you up” and doubling down on them


To connect with Joe Carabase:

Man Over Mind Podcast (check out my appearance on “Whisky Talks”!) – https://bemanovermind.com/podcast-2/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/joecarabase/?hl=en

Coaching – https://bemanovermind.com/coaching/

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