47. Becoming a Self-Love Warrior – feat. Seth Pearson

“Am I coming from a place of worthiness or unworthiness”

We've got self-love warrior, host of the Love Amped Podcast and all around good guy, Mr. Seth Pearson on the show.

He talks about how he went from a place of depression, constant comparison, and feelings of unworthiness to being a man brimming with self love (as I am sure is clear from listening to him speak).

His first experience of self-love (it was using MDMA) and how he built the self-love muscle following that experience.

How self-love is one of the most clichéd sayings out there (and why it shouldn’t be). And practical strategies that Seth has used to develop self-love.

How the level of intimacy that we have with ourselves is reflected onto their relationships that we have in the world. And why those who love themselves more are actually more giving and understanding in relationships. And Seth shares his experience of being in a relationship with someone who is lacking in the self-love department.

The delicate balance of the positive ego and narcissism. How the negative ego looks for power OVER and the positive ego looks at power WITH.

And finally, we get into Seth's experience as a recovering nice guy (and how self-love was a key part of this equation)

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