48. Reclaiming Confidence in Dating & Relationships – feat. Kimberly Hill

48. Reclaiming Confidence in Dating & Relationships – feat. Kimberly Hill

She's a qualified Life and Relationship Coach, Neuro-Linguistic (NLP) Practitioner, has studied Gottman Couples Therapy, Reiki Healing and has coached over 100 men on how to build confidence, get clarity in life and experience happier relationships.

We've got Kimberly Hill (AKA Kimbo Slice) on the show!

We talk her transition from working in a male dominated financial world to dedicating herself to helping men build confidence in dating and relationships.

What a healthy masculine looks like. What the toxic masculine looks like. And how a toxic feminine DOES exist and should be talked about more often.

Why finding the relationship of our dreams starts with confidence. Which comes from finding passions, having strong relationships with other men and working on the relationship with ourselves.

How our internal world and how we feel about ourselves is reflected in the external world (and more specifically in the relationships that we enter).

Why you DON'T need to have your life in perfect order before getting into relationship.

How in the world of infinite choice, we know if someone is right for us.

How many mistake an activated attachment system for love.

How on some level we need to accept that following the honeymoon phase, things will feel a little less electric than at the beginning of dating. And how keeping curiosity for the other is key. 

The 4 types of intimacy and what these look like.

Why mystery is an important piece of relationships.

Why we need to remove the guilt around asking our partner for time alone (and how to ask for this effectively).

Why judgement and contempt kills relationships (and the biggest indicator of marital divorce).

The power of the 6 second kiss (also known the “kiss of possibility”).


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