49. Getting Out of the Chase & Into Our “Unique Role” – feat. Daniel Mangena

49. Getting Out of the Chase & Into Our “Unique Role” – feat. Daniel Mangena

Daniel made his first million at 20 years old. And was a millionaire for about 6 months before losing it all…

He went from a place of shallow, blind faith in his capacity to create, to a man pondering the thought of taking his own life.

Over the next number of years, he “accidentally reprogrammed his mind” to choose life and get out of the chase.

Our guest today is a man with a beautiful accent and an even more beautiful story, Daniel Mangena.

We get into the power of sharing the “crap” in your life (not just the good stuff). And how stepping into vulnerability was the first step in Daniel turning his life around.

How once we accept the deeply rooted shame experiences in our life, it becomes much easier to accept the other imperfections that make us human.

We go deep on the concept of growth. Why Daniel still invests thousands of dollars in personal development each year and why there is some truth to the saying “when you stop growing you start dying”. And how growth doesn't look the same to all people.

We talk the cliched topic of “finding your purpose”. Why we should stop putting so much pressure on finding our purpose and why maybe there isn’t even a singular purpose for our life but that maybe it is something that changes moment to moment.

Why JOY can be the guide for finding our “unique role”.


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