56. Outta Survival & Into Flow (Through the Body) – feat. Nicole Lohse

56. Outta Survival & Into Flow (Through the Body) – feat. Nicole Lohse

Really excited to share this one. We've got Somatic Experiencing Practitioner®, Somatic Practice, Feldenkrais® & Yoga Practitioner, Nicole Lohse on the show, who has dedicated her life to helping people move “out of survival and into flow”. All through building awareness and becoming curious around our nervous system responses and how this shows up in the body.

We talk “go mode” (that I often find myself in), how this can actually be a survival pattern and how we can achieve in a more healthy way that is connected to our bodies.

How the end goal of this somatic/body work is not to “always be in a state of bliss” (this is bullshit). But instead, to be able to move through the experiences of life in a regulated way where we are connected with ourselves and have awareness around our nervous system responses.

Why trauma is not about what happened TO us, but is when we are still stuck trying to survive something and where we still believe there is a danger or threat.

How we can decipher whether we’re showing up from trauma versus showing up true to ourselves.

How the work is all about building awareness and getting curious about how we're showing up in the world. And from there we can get curious about what other responses exist and over time, move into a more regulated response pattern.

The power of making our survival patterns our ally

How we can establish safety in situations where we feel triggered and have a nervous system response.

The power of realizing that we are already whole and striving to gain more and more access to our wholeness.


To connect with the amazing Nicole Lohse:

Website: https://www.nicolelohse.com/

Instagram: @nlohse

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