60. Removing the Masks & Shifting Perspective – feat. Doug Cartwright

60. Removing the Masks & Shifting Perspective – feat. Doug Cartwright

“To become the person you truly are, you have to let go of you think you are supposed to be”

Doug Cartwright is a speaker, author (of the book  Holy Sh!t We're Alive), and CEO and Founder of The Daily Shifts. 

Doug takes us through his journey from being a twenty something, ex-morman, ex-millionaire living deeply unfulfilled who had done everything he was “supposed” to do. He was living a lavish life, VIP bottle service with Drake, hanging out with Kevin Durant in a suite at the Superbowl, before realizing that the only reason he was doing all of these things was to receive validation on social media, and that none of it was actually contributing to lasting happiness.

That was until he (re)found his true essence and dropped all of the masks, labels and stories.

How psychedelics acted as a gateway drug into self-love for Doug.

How there is nothing inherently wrong with wanting Instagram likes, but the issue comes when you NEED the instragram likes.

How there is no right path for anyone on the healing journey, but it’s all about finding what is right for you (whether that is mediation, working with a coach/therapist, going on an ayahuasca journey etc.) 

The power of an attitude of gratitude in settling you in the moment that you are in instead of having you thinking about a moment you WISH you were in

Doug’s (funny) story about an experience getting over his “fear of sucking” on the ski hill.

Thanks for slowing down with us.

To connect with Doug:

Instagram: @doug_cartwright

Buy His Book “Holy Sh!t We're Alive” 

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