64. Integrity, Authenticity & Radical Self-Expression – feat. Barry Magliarditi

64. Integrity, Authenticity & Radical Self-Expression – feat. Barry Magliarditi

Barry Magliarditi is an entrepreneur, bestselling author, speaker, philanthropist, and spiritual guide. Through his global coaching enterprise, The Game Changers, Barry has mentored thousands of business owners to scale to seven figures and beyond while creating a life of balance, freedom, and fulfillment. His podcasts, The Comeback Game and The Tradie Business School, have over two million downloads.

Barry takes us through his journey of going from a depressed young man with a drug habit and into crime… into the successful man that he is today. And how building¬† the relationship with himself was key to that.

We get into “connecting to the heart” and wtf that really means.

We talk how the core desire of human beings is belonging. And how this core desire rears it's head in sometimes ugly ways, leading us to make decisions based on the thoughts and feelings of others (instead of our own).

Finally, we get into integrity and authenticity. How they are so intertwined yet distinctly different.


To connect with Barry:

Website: https://barrymagliarditi.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/barrywilliamemagliarditi/

Buy his Book “Sex, Drugs and Radical Self-Expression”: https://www.amazon.com/Sex-Drugs-Radical-Self-Expression-Fulfillment-ebook/dp/B09M7P6MG5

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