Achieving Peak Performance & Reaching Our Potential – With Dr. Christina Heilman

Achieving Peak Performance & Reaching Our Potential – With Dr. Christina Heilman

Today’s show is all about reaching our potential.

We’ve got Dr. Christina Heilman on the show! She’s a coach, speaker, author and athlete who is in the business of empowering athletes to push themselves beyond what they previously thought that they were capable of and to achieve peak levels of physical, mental and lifestyle performance. She’s got nearly 20 years of experience in helping athletes achieve their potential in their craft. A skier, climber and endurance runner herself, she is an expert at the mental game surrounding performance and sports. But she is also human, she has experienced pressure, fear, frustration, self doubt and all of the natural human experiences that come along with the pursuit of our potential. Which we are also going to dig into. A PHD in Sport and Exercise Psychology as well as double board certification as an athletic trainer and strength and conditioning coach, makes her one of the most certified in the business. We dig into all of the following (and more)!

– What she learned after losing ALL of her belongings in a forest fire
– What the BIGGEST thing she sees holding athletes back from reaching their potential
– Why we should ditch fear based motivation and adopt a love based motivation
– The role self-criticism should play in reaching our potential
– How we can achieve sustainable confidence in sports and in life
– The role of mindfulness and meditation in striving to reach out potential
– Where we should focus our attention in pressure filled situations
– Why we need to honour and express our emotions (even the tough ones) and an easy, practical practice of doing so
– The power of knowing our “why”

And SO much more…

Sit back, take a few DEEP breaths and Slow Down, Man… Enjoy!

To find out more and connect with Dr. Christina Heilman –
Website – (where she has ALL kinds of FREE content like videos, mindset exercises, breathing exercises, muscle relaxation exercises)
Instagram – @mindsetdr

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