Awakening the Fire Within Organizations & Employees – with Catherine Bell

Awakening the Fire Within Organizations & Employees – with Catherine Bell

On this episode we have the pleasure of chatting with Catherine Bell, author of the book “the Awakened Company” which was awarded the Nautilus Book Awards in Business & Leadership, a best seller one week after its release, a best seller on Amazon, chosen as “8 of The Best Leadership Books of 2015, and recognized as a top book combining business and mindfulness. Catherine now consults all over the world on how to create Awakened Companies. The Awakened Company’s aim is to Awaken The Fire within Organizations with passion, purpose, and playfulness. On this episode we dive into:

– Why focusing on the bottom line is NOT enough
– Why people rate “spending time with their boss” as the WORST part of their day (and how we can change this)
– Why there is a need to further emphasize employee HAPPINESS in organizations
– How crisis (like COVID-19) both creates and reveals our character
– What an “Awakened Company” means and how organizations can go about the process of “awakening”
– Why organizations should put a greater emphasis on “playfulness” and how this can be done (it’s easier than you think)
– How most CEO’s DO NOT know what the vision of their organization is
– How both individuals and organizations can go about finding their “north star”
– What to do if you don’t like your job and do not align with the vision and values of the organization

And SO much more!

To connect with Catherine, visit the Awakened Company website at

Sit down, take a few DEEP breaths and slow down, man… Enjoy!

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