Becoming a Master Communicator Through Mindfulness – with Jonathan Miller

Becoming a Master Communicator Through Mindfulness – with Jonathan Miller

Communication and Mindfulness are SO intertwined. Our guest this Sunday, Jonathan Miller, digs deep into how (through mindfulness) we can deal with conflicts with ease, navigate difficult conversations and become better communicators. We get into all of the following (and more):

– Why being friendly & agreeable does not necessarily mean that you are a good communicator

– Why we need to have conversations around how we communicate (especially with our significant others)

– How most of our communication behavior is inherited and passed down from generation to generation

– How YOU can utilize Vipassana meditation to make you a better communicator

– How we can use conflict to grow as people and enrich our relationships (as opposed to letting it paralyze us)

– Practical tips on how to deal with conflict (Hint: the first one is to “SLOW DOWN”)

– Why listening is MORE important than speaking when it comes to communication

Jonathan also gives us a gift! Use the promo code “SLOWDOWN50” to get 50% off his “Tough Talks Made Easy” training series (link to Tough Talks Made Easy and how to connect with Jonathan below):

Tough Talks Made Easy:
Mindful Communication Podcast:

Sit back, take a few DEEP breaths and slow down, man… Enjoy!!

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