Building a Career of Impact with Conscious Business Coach Paul Zelizer

We have the pleasure of slowing down with Paul Zelizer, who has truly blazed a path in the world of business coaching, by focusing on the intersection of conscious business, social impact and awareness practices. We dig into:

– What a “conscious entrepreneur” and what it means to build a business with a TRUE social impact

– The 4 questions one must ask themselves about their business to guide all business decision towards impact and serving their customers

– How mindfulness can actually be used for “bad” if we’re not careful

– The power of human intention in building the career of your dreams

– Being “fiercely honest” and “lovingly gentle” with ourselves as we embark on our career path (which is never a linear journey)

– How despite the hardship we have experienced in 2020 to this point, it just might be the best year of our lives. And how this “heat” and “pressure” presents a unique opportunity for us to grow

To get a full glimpse into Paul’s world, be sure to visit his website: and check out his podcast “Awarepreneurs”, available wherever you get your podcasts.

Sit back, relax, take a few DEEP breaths…. and ENJOY!

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