From 405 lbs to a Happy, Healthy Man Through Mindful Eating – with John Kovaleski

From 405 lbs to a Happy, Healthy Man Through Mindful Eating – with John Kovaleski

On this episode we sit down with Certified Nutrition Specialist, Coach and Founder of T2 Nutrition & Wellness, John Kovaleski. And just in time for us to lose the “dad bod” for summer. What we eat, our bodies and our minds are SO intertwined and we get into all of the following (and MUCH more):

– John’s journey of going from 405 pounds and being in a diabetic coma to becoming the happy, healthy man that he is today

– How he lost 100 pounds in ONE YEAR (and how much weight it is healthy for us to lose per week on a weight loss program)

– How in order to affect REAL change, we must first accept where we are and adopt the mindset that we MUST change

– How MINDSET is the most important thing in building a healthier version of ourselves. In getting to the root causes and limiting beliefs behind our current relationship with food

– Why he hates the word “diet” and how we should instead use the term “nutrition protocol”

– How eating too little can actually HURT the fat loss process

– How (despite popular belief) not all carbohydrates are evil

– How your nutrition plan should be totally customized to YOU as an individual

– How to kill self doubt while building a healthier version of ourselves

– How when it comes to health, it is 90% nutrition and 10% fitness

– Why it is important (mentally) for us to still enjoy “cheat” foods

– The three foods we should all eliminate from what we eat

You can connect with John, visit any (or all) of the following:


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Sit down, take a few DEEP breaths and Slow Down, Man… ENJOY!

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