Going DEEP with Former NFL’er Grant Mattos

On this one, we go DEEP with former NFL Wide Receiver and Survivor Contestant, turned husband, father and yoga instructor, Grant Mattos. Grant takes us through his journey from living in a house with NFL legends Carson Palmer and Troy Polamalu, to lining up next to his childhood idol, Jerry Rice. All as a part of making his (and his father’s) dream of making it to the NFL a reality. He also recaps what it was like to “lose it all”, being forced to completely reinvent himself and his identity once his tenure in football came to an end…. We go deep on the importance of those friends who are there for you at your darkest hour…. On the “laser like” focus and faith it takes to play a sport at the highest level…. On how once you have done the deep (and difficult) inner work to get to a point where you feel “whole” and “without void”, the things you previously were anxiously clasping for suddenly are naturally attracted into your life (in Grant’s case, his dream relationship)…. On what Grant says to anyone who says “yoga, meditation and mindfulness just aren’t for me“… On the power of honoring our emotions (even the negative ones)… And finally on how a hug can be worth 1,000 words…

Sit back, relax, take a few DEEP breaths and ENJOY!

Side note – the best way to connect with Grant is via instagram at @grantmattos (he is regularly hosting guided meditations (and more) on instagram live with MUCH more to come!)

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