The “No BS” Journey of Connecting with our Core – with Men’s Coach Raymond Dörfel

The “No BS” Journey of Connecting with our Core – with Men’s Coach Raymond Dörfel

On this episode, we have the pleasure of slowing down with men’s coach and public speaker, Raymond Dörfel. Raymond offers no bull-shit “authentic life” transformation for men and on this one we go IN DEPTH on the process of connecting with our core and becoming our most authentic self. We talk all of the following:

– Raymond takes us through the journey of growing up struggling with his own masculinity and being a “people pleaser”

– The process of going from hating his father to now having a healthy relationship

– His experience with Ayahuasca after struggling with depression for four years

– How men are SO much more capable once they are able accept themselves and connect with their core

– How we have to focus not only on our lighter side, but also dig into and accept our shadow side, in order to be fully balanced, fulfilled human beings

– How we can become our own parent and “heal the inner child”

– How there is a dire need for more men’s role models in today’s society

– How difficult situations that we experience can show us how we are still in “unlove” with ourselves

– How men in today’s society are struggling by not having a “rite of passage” taking them from boyhood to manhood

– How we can carry trauma in the body, and how to release this in a healthy way

By the way, the first 20 listeners to reach out to Raymond will receive a FREE coaching session.

You can connect with Raymond by visiting his website at

SO, sit back, relax, take a few DEEP breaths and slow down, man… ENJOY!!

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