Who is Mitch and what is this podcast?

Hello there. I’m Mitch Lagadin. A regular dude from Calgary, Canada who has seen the profound effects that mindfulness has had in my life and now I want to spread the word to other dudes. (Way) back in University, while going through some personal struggles, I stumbled upon this thing called “meditation”. So I tried it. And lasted about 2 minutes before I wanted to implode from over fidgeting. Then I tried it again, lasted about 4 minutes. And again. And again. (You get the picture). This was the gateway drug for me to my own personal development and becoming more conscious in all areas of my life. AKA “getting out of autopilot” and bringing awareness to the things we do on a daily basis that we don’t even maybe realize that we do. SO I started this podcast as a source of knowledge for dudes out there on a similar journey. Bringing on guests for casual, off-the-cuff conversations that men can resonate with. Thanks for slowing down with us. 

Much love,


See below for some snapshots of past episodes (as well as just random snapshots of myself).