Ride the Roller Coaster, Man

Ride the Roller Coaster, Man

Never too high, never too low.

Something that has come up for me of late is the realization that for my entire life I have strived to keep my emotions within a certain (and very limited) threshold. Never too high, never too low.

I remember watching some of my favorite hockey players growing up and thinking “man, nothing gets to them”. And admiring this. I even remember one hockey player citing that the key to his success was to “never get too high and never get too low”.

While this often times leads to monotone, repetitive interviews with the media, it also undeniably leads to results on the ice (or the court, the ball diamond, the pitch etc.). Not letting the moment get to you in pursuit of a result.

Not gonna lie, this has helped me immensely in my career. Nothing gets to me. The world is caving in and I stand there unreactive and ready to take action.

Never high enough, never low enough.

BUT recently I came to realize that emotions, they are meant to be felt. The lows AND the highs. And I realized that by virtue of limiting my lows (i.e. not allowing myself to express emotions of sadness, frustration, resentment etc.) I was also limiting my highs (i.e. if I found myself in a really beautiful situation surrounded by people I love, I would only let myself experience a certain amount of joy).

I have found that this is not what living is about, man.

I have started to FEEL the lows and FEEL the highs as completely as possible. And it’s a process. But let me tell ya, in a short time it has led to a much deeper connection with my emotional self and thus with myself in general. As well as a greater ability to open up on an emotional level with others (what a beautiful thing).

All aboard.

I have recently hopped aboard the roller-coaster and am riding the highs and lows, the loop-dy loops and corkscrews. Wherever the heck this thing takes me.

And I just wanted to put this out there for any men (or ladies) who might resonate.

Much love,


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