19. Slow Down & Fly, Brother! – With Travel Docuseries Host, Ernest White II

19. Slow Down & Fly, Brother! – With Travel Docuseries Host, Ernest White II

Today we’ve got explorer, storyteller as well as producer & host of TV travel docuseries, Fly Brother, Ernest White II on the show.

And what a pleasure it was slowing down with this guy. He quite literally may be the GREATEST storyteller I have ever met. And on this episode he shares stories, experiences and most importantly learnings from the over 70 countries that he has visited.

We explore all of the following:

– How his passion for experiencing different cultures and storytelling started and his journey to his current role as the host of a world travel show based in connection

– How everything he has done has come from a deeply rooted love for people

– How seeing over 70 countries has led Ernest to realize the “oneness” present amongst all human beings

– An experience that he had in Tajikistan that drove him to realize that people have basic goodness within them and encouraged him to open himself up more

– Why it is so powerful and underrated to simply recognize and see the humanity in someone else

– What is “Slow Travel”

– How the current world centred on efficiency, social media and the “quick hit” has affected the way in which we as people experience travel

– How we can adopt practices of Slow Travel to heighten the connection and presence of our experience when travelling

– Why we should ditch our “to-do lists” when travelling

– Why it is a GOOD thing to be OK with “missing out” sometimes

– The power of SPONTANEITY and how we can make space for this in our trips (and in our day to day lives)

– How we can find ROMANCE when travelling and in our daily lives and how fulfilling this can be

– How in periods of stress, the power that can be found in telling ourselves “nothing is wrong”

– Why in hindsight, the toughest times in our lives are usually the times that we are MOST grateful for

To connect with Ernest, please see below!

Website: www.Flybrother.net

Available on public TV and Create TV in the US (And hopefully in Canada soon!)

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/FlyBrother/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FlyBrotherFly

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FlyBrother

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