20. From “Nice Guy” to Integrated, Conscious Man – With Dr. Robert Glover

20. From “Nice Guy” to Integrated, Conscious Man – With Dr. Robert Glover

No more Mr. Nice Guy!! We’ve got the acclaimed author of “No More Mr. Nice Guy” on the show, the legend… Dr. Robert Glover.

We dig into SO much in this one:

– What is nice guy syndrome?

– Why nice guys are often approval seekers, attempting to hide flaws and undesirable features about themselves

– How nice guys operate by using “covert contracts” in an indirect attempt to get their needs met

– How nice guys are actually not in fact as “nice” as they think they are and often times are dishonest

– Why nice guys will go the extra mile to NOT get their needs met and are often “poor receivers”

– How the feminist movement has led to more nice guys than ever in today’s society

– For men, the power of mens groups, having quality male relationships and having male role models in our lives

– Steps nice guys can take to become integrated, conscious men

– The importance of BOUNDARIES and making your needs a priority in claiming our personal power as men

– How the goal is not to become a “better” or “different” person, but to become MORE US, not having to hide anything that is truly us

– The power of “letting go” of the things that no longer serve us

To connect with Dr. Robert Glover, see below:

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Website – https://www.drglover.com/

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