28. Find your Authentic Voice, Man – With Founder of Alaya Naturals, Shauna Reiter

28. Find your Authentic Voice, Man – With Founder of Alaya Naturals, Shauna Reiter

Today we’ve got the founder of nutrition company, Alaya Naturals (awesome clean, organic superfood supplements) on the show. And as you will surely realize when listening, just an amazing woman.

But today we’re not talking nutrition. We’re talking finding your authentic voice. Something Shauna was forced to do when writing a memoir of her life (and literally laying it all on the table).

We dig into how many of us “edit ourselves” (often unknowingly) on a daily basis. Changing how we act, look and talk to adhere to the validation of others.

And we talk about the absolute magic that can happen when you put the “editing” to rest and just let your true self “flow”. Emotions, thoughts, everything.

And how when we show up as ourselves (i.e. show vulnerability) we invite others to do the same.

We also chat about the following:

– How (literally) everything that we do (including what we eat) is a projection of our value systems as a person.
– The power of “checking in with ourselves” to see what we need in that moment. Sometimes it’s a hard workout and a green smoothie. Sometimes it’s netflix and pizza.
– How we’re all just “kids trapped in an adult body” and Shauna being forced to “reparent” herself through the process of parenting her kids.
– The power of first of all holding space for emotions that we are experiencing. And then taking this a step further and documenting everything going on in those moments.
– How sometimes the “next step” is simply taking a step. And then course correcting if necessary.

And more! I sincerely hope you enjoy.

To connect with the amazing Shauna Reiter:

Alaya Naturals Website

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