29. Be a Spiritual Badass, Man – With Chess Edwards

Our guest today is someone who I would call a “spiritual badass”. We’ve got Chess Edwards on the show. Who spent 20 years as an adventure travel guide and then took a huge career pivot becoming a different kind of guide – a spiritual guide/meditation teacher.

We get into how in his career as an adventure guide, he was exploring the most amazing places on earth, all in an attempt to avoid turning inward and exploring himself. Living in a world that allowed him to never get close to anyone. I know that I resonate with this and as I talk about, led to me to be totally blocked off emotionally in relation with others.

We talk how you don’t need to be a monk to be in touch with your spiritual side (i.e. a spiritual badass) – fully engaged with day to day life but also connected with ones self.

The power (especially for dudes) of building an emotional vocabulary and getting in touch with what the heck we are feeling each day. And how it’s so funny how we are so descriptive when describing a craft beer or a glass of wine, but when it comes to how we are feeling say things like “I’m doing OK”.

OH, and Chess has generously provided a couple of gifts for you. A collection of amazing guided meditations (let me tell ya, this guy’s voice was crafted by the gods to lead meditations) and the “Emotional Vocabulary Builder Tool”. Both of which are linked to below!

To access your collection of FREE guided meditations: https://bit.ly/Chess-36mWVSW

To access your FREE Emotional Vocabulary Builder Tool: https://bit.ly/Chess-EVB-SlowDownMan

For more, visit Chess’ website: https://www.chessedwards.com/

and YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/c/chessedwards

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