37. Be Like James Bond, Man – feat. Jason Lange

“There is nothing stronger than vulnerability”.

This week we’ve got men’s embodiment coach, group facilitator, and evolutionary guide, Mr. Jason Lange on the show.

We kick things off talking about the “worst date of Jason’s life”. And what he learned from it. (Listen to the end to hear my own “worst date story”).

But this is all about the power of finding presence and stillness as men in relationship (AKA being like James Bond).

We talk what the #1 thing women look for in a man.

How at the end of the day it all comes down to one word… TRUST.

The power of choosing where to put your awareness (instead of just unconsciously doing what our nervous systems dictate).

How it is in our “edge” that we figure out who we are as men.

And why we need to get better at being alone.


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