38. Make Better Decisions, Man – feat. Tim Yen

“Live the way you want to be remembered”

Decisions are hard, man. And they don’t have to be. That’s why we’ve got psychologist, author and decision making expert, Tim Yen on the show this week.

Author of “Choose Better, the Optimal Decision Making Framework” – we dig into first of all why decisions can be seemingly so hard to make. Whether it’s what type of meat you want on your nachos or whether you should take the leap and change careers.

We get into why the first step in optimal decision making is changing our relationship with failure. And dissociating our self worth from the outcome of the many many decisions we make as we go through our day.

How a huge component of “Nice Guy Syndrome” (see past episodes with Dr. Robert Glover and Dr. Michael Pariser) is the inability to state our opinion and define what matters to us.

How at the end of the day, it is not a performance enhancing drug that will make us better at decision making. But rather, it is going inward. getting to know ourselves. Who we are. What we like/don’t like. And operating from this framework of self awareness and respect for what we value.


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