45. Living a Committed Life – feat. Thane Marcus Ringler

This guy doesn't have any commitment issues.

We've got former pro-golfer, turned speaker, writer, development coach and podcast host (of the Up and Comers Podcast).. Thane Marcus Ringler on the show.

We talk his transition from grinding it out on pro golf tours (a totally self focused career) to devoting himself to helping others.

We talk how as a part of his laser like focus on performance, he cut out emotion. How this affected his relationships moving forward and how he has worked on reconnecting with his emotions.

We get into the topic of discipline and why a healthy relationship with discipline includes a dose of fun.

And finally, why to Thane, “being a man” means to live a committed life.


To connect with Thane:

Website: https://www.thanemarcus.com/

The Up and Comers Podcast: https://theupandcomersshow.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thanemarcus/

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