52. Accepting our S*** & Building Legendary Relationships – feat. Mike Campbell

52. Accepting our S*** & Building Legendary Relationships – feat. Mike Campbell

“If you keep your s*** tucked away in the corner, it f******  stinks.”

Our guest today is someone who I would call an “Everyday Legend”.

Mike Campbell is a men’s coach, author, founder of The Everyday Legends Coaching Program and host of the Everyday Legends Podcast. A dude who is helping other men break free of the ordinary and build legendary relationships – with themselves, their partners, and their world. 

This one is all about s***. Identifying our s***. Owning our s***. And then allowing others to see our s***. With a goal of “feeling at home within ourselves”. So that wherever life brings us, we feel at home. We feel like we have value.

Why “nice guys” abandon their values and truth in the desperate search of validation. Coming from a place of “I need other people to like me so I can like myself”.

Why many men feel the need to suppress certain parts of themselves and instead only show a meticulously curated version of what we think we SHOULD be . And how this practice keeps us from experiencing the basic human needs of love, depth and belonging.

Why “having your s*** together” does not mean that you do not have s***. You just own it and deal with it. 

What “Zeuss Energy” is and why Mike associates the word with his definition of “being a man”.

Thanks for slowing down with us.

To connect with Mike Campbell:

Instagram – @mikecampbellmc (he drops truth bombs on the regular)

“Get Your Shit Together 101” Course
– http://mikecampbell.com.au/get-your-shit-together

The Everyday Legends Podcast – http://mikecampbell.com.au/podcast/

Get his Book “Unleash Your Alpha”

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