61. Thrive Through Adversity, Man – feat. Elijah Stacy

Our guest today has a fricken amazing story and an inspiring mission.

We've got Elijah Stacy, author of the book “A Small If”, and Founder of the nonprofit Destroy Duchenne, which he started at age 15 to advance gene editing and gene therapy to save his life, his brothers life and thousands of others around the world from DMD (Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy), a muscle wasting disease that primarily affects kids.

We talk all of the things that Elijah has learned from his journey battling this disease and spreading his story (thus far).

We talk about how his “adapters mindset” has been huge in getting him to this point. The power of being a little bit stubborn in life. And how to stay hopeful and strong, even through extreme adversity.

To connect with Elijah, visit his website : https://www.elijahjstacy.com/book-a-small-if 

Instagram: @elijahjstacy

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