A Green Smoothie a Day Keeps the Doctor Away – With Cece Heart

Today, we’ve got Cece Heart, the “Inspiration Sorceress” on the show (what a name).

Cece is a plant based, organic consultant and chef/recipe artist who mixes science with spirituality in working with people to change their bodies, minds and spirits through food. We talk everything FOOD, NUTRITION and more specifically how we can use food as a catalyst to transform our lives. We also demystify many of the myths out there that keep men from eating a healthy, wholesome diet. We dig into all of the following (and more):

– Her journey going from an unhealthy, toxic place to a happy healthy human (and how nutrition helped her get there)
– The importance of being gentle with people who ask for help
– How in her eyes, so many issues arise because we come “out of touch with our passion” and how the system that we live in is the main cause of this
– How most people are running at a “low battery level” and thus not achieving the success and joy they deserve in this life
– The “power within plants” and how they can transform our lives (and what benefits Cece has experienced first hand)
– How we need to change the prevailing mindset that “I would rather die happy early, then change my diet and live longer”
– How chemically, what we eat has the same propensity to heal us as pharmaceutical drugs
– Why we need to think of our bodies in the same way as we would think of a brand new fancy sports car
– Why not all quality organic food has a “certified organic” label
– The importance of knowing where our food is coming from
– The toxic effects of pesticides and herbicides in our food
– Which foods are more important than others to eat organic
– Why looking for food that is certified organic is NOT enough
– Why the more good food we eat, the more we CRAVE good food
– How men can BOTH eat healthy and build muscle
– How a green smoothie a day keeps the doctor away (and how we can make these actually taste good)
– How a strong craving to a food is a signal that we should not be eating that food

And SO much more.

Sit down, take a few DEEP breaths and Slow Down, Man… Enjoy

To connect with the amazing Cece Heart:
WEBSITE: https://ceceheart.com/ (for blogs, amazing recipes and more)
EMAIL: inspirationsorceress@gmail.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/inspirationsorceress/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/inspirationsorceress
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lovesorceress

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