“Flow Like Water” Through Life and Relationships – With Scott Aaron

“Flow Like Water” Through Life and Relationships – With Scott Aaron

Today we delve DEEP into a topic that we don’t often discuss on the show… Relationships. We’ve got internationally acclaimed and award-winning network marketer, author, podcaster and speaker, Scott Aaron on the show! But today we’re not talking network marketing, we’re talking how to create healthy, thriving relationships, how to be resilient through the curve balls that life throws at you an how sometimes, you have to “slow down before you speed up”.

This guy’s story is absolutely fascinating. From being married and divorced (twice), to filing for personal bankruptcy, it’s a wild ride. But what is most amazing is how Scott has been able to “flow like water” through it all.

We dig into ALL of the following:

– His experience being married and divorced (twice). And now recently engaged again. And why after going through all of this, he STILL believes in marriage

– His journey of growing up living his fathers dream, eventually filing for personal bankruptcy, before finding his own purpose and living life “on his own terms”

– Why it is important to look out for your own needs in a relationship in creating an even partnership

– What healthy communication in a relationship looks like

– The importance of “speaking your truth” in a committed relationship (as opposed to supressing our true feelings)

– Why it is important to GIVE SPACE in relationships

– The shift in perspective from going into a relationship NEEDING to being in a place of ABUNDANCE

– The power of spending time single, focusing on things that make YOU happy and BEING OK just being with yourself

– Experience in running the family business (fitness facilities), turning it into a 6-figure business to being 1.5 million in personal debt (before turning 30)

– Why sometimes you have to SLOW DOWN before you speed up

– How we ALL go through “personal pandemics” in our lives and are challenged to pivot

– How he became a leader in the world of network marketing

– The importance of always having a backup plan in our careers

– Why it is important to (in the words of Bruce Lee) “flow like water”

– How to not live in fear of the future or anxiety of the past but to live in PEACE in the NOW

– Why we need to stop thinking of success as this thing that is not tangible or attainable and how the stories that we tell ourselves reinforce this limiting belief

– Why our failures open the doors to our successes and the power of taking on a solution oriented mindset

To connect with Scott:

Website: www.scottaaron.net

Podcast: “Network Marketing Made Simple” (available wherever you get your podcasts)

Book: The LinkedIn Book for Network Marketing

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