How We Can “Get Out Of Our Own Way” in Golf AND in Life – With Dr. Joe Parent

How We Can “Get Out Of Our Own Way” in Golf AND in Life – With Dr. Joe Parent

Today on the show we have someone who holds the unique distinction of coaching both a man (Vijay Singh) and a woman (Christie Kerr) to #1 in the World Golf Ranking. Golf Digest magazine honored him in their list of “Top Mental Game Experts in the World” and he is the best selling author (over a million copies worldwide) of Zen Golf (among other books).

He has over 40 years of experience at getting people “out of their own way” and we take a swing at all of the following (and much more):

– Dr. Joe tells us what mindfulness means to him
– The importance of HUMOR in our mindfulness practice
– Why presence (not distraction) is our DEFAULT mode (and how we can get back to that mode more often)
– Why it is SO important in golf and life to detach from things going a particular way
– Why we need to learn to “give ourselves room to grow” in both golf and life
– Why we need to treat ourselves more like we treat our friends and “ditch the evil caddy”
– How we can move from a “poverty mentality” to our natural state of “basic goodness”
– How we can go about attaining “unconditional confidence”
– His famous “STOP, DROP and BREATHE” technique to get out of our heads and back into our bodies
– How we can use “signals” to practice mindfulness throughout the entire day
– How we can bounce back from an atrocious performance on the course or in any area of our life

Without a doubt, you should get a ton of value from this one (as well as perhaps lower the handicap!)

So sit down, take a few DEEP breaths and Slow Down, Man… Enjoy!

Dr. Joe has a TON of content on his website at as well as hosts weekly FREE Zoom guided mindfulness sessions

Also be sure to check out his Youtube channel where you can find a collection of all of his past guided Zoom sessions (and more)

Are you a golfer? If so, be sure to check out his best selling book, Zen Golf (you’ll thank me later)

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