Life Purpose, Intention Setting and Living a JOYful Life – With Joy Dushey

Life Purpose, Intention Setting and Living a JOYful Life – With Joy Dushey

JOY is the buzzword of this episode, we have the Founder of “the Joyful Approach”, holistic life guide and breathwork and energy alchemist, Joy Duchey on the show!

Everything that we talk about on this episode revolves around letting more JOY into our lives and how we can learn to live in the “true flow of life”. SO many practical tips for you in this one. We dig into all of the following (AND MORE):

– Joy talks about her journey, from dealing with the loss of her brother, to being sedentary for a year following a ischemic stroke and what she learned from this experience
– How MOVEMENT helped her through the toughest times in her life and the power of movement in our lives
– What the “Joyful Approach” IS and how we can all live in the true flow of life
– The importance of being in alignment according to our own life design (and how most of us are living according to OTHERS life design)
– How we can go about aligning all of our daily micro behaviors with our life purpose
– How we can go about exploring and finding our life purpose (it’s not as hard as you would think!)
– The value of daily intention setting
– How men can “shed their armour” and in doing so shed their conditioned notions of what it means to “be a man”
– Why the be a REAL man, we need to learn to tune into BOTH our masculine and feminine side
– Advice Joy has for any men out there who almost never CRY
– The power of finding a likeminded “tribe”
– Joy’ secrets to living at a high vibration
– Why the first hour after you wake up is THE most important

And SO much more!

Sit back, take a few DEEP breaths and Slow Down, Man… Enjoy!

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